Ferrari Corse Clienti: 599XX & FXX galore

Ramping V12 engines, great weather circumstances and the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit were the scene of the Ferrari XX-program. Better known as the Ferrari Corse Clienti program where a select group of Ferrari customers are part of the development program of Ferrari. This consists of the development of the FXX and 599XX.

This is the place where the owners can play with their very expensive toys at famous race tracks around the world organized by Ferrari with their own instructors and personal engineers to get the most out of the drivers.

A misinterpretation is that they aren’t allowed to use their cars outside Ferrari organized events, that’s incorrect as they are allowed to use their 599XX or FXX on private track events.

The Ferrari Corse Clienti program is the closest you will get to a F1 experience with own instructors and engineers who will stand by debriefing your every step to improve your driver’s skills .

The owners of the cars will contribute to the development of their cars and even future Ferrari road cars. Ferrari is using this exclusive group to experiment new parts which will eventually find their way back to their road cars, for example the new carbon ceramic brakes including carbon pads have found their way to the 599GTO directly out of the 599XX program.

As Spa Francorchamps is a F1 track, its wide, a lot of high speed corners and of course the legendary Eau-Rouge corner it’s the ideal track to test these V12 monsters. The first corners after the main straight will light up the 2nd generation carbon brakes and the acceleration out of this corner will blow your mind thanks to the awesome sounding exhaust note.

Let’s show what these cars are capable of with the spec list of these cars: 

599XX                                                                                  FXX 

Dry Weight:        1345 kg                              Dry Weight:        1155 kg

Engine:               6L V12 65°                          Engine:               6.2L V12 65°

Power:                730 HP                                Power:                800 HP

Torque:               686 NM                               Torque:               686 NM

Being clinical about these cars is hard as the sound of these cars will give you goose bumps, the car shakes when pushing it too hard, it will bite back if you cross the line even with all the Ferrari electronics this stays a true race animal.

TrackandTuner was able to get exclusive onboard video’s to show you how it feels being inside this technological masterpiece.

Enjoy the battle against the FXX:

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