Zur Nürburg

Restaurant "Zur Nürburg" has been one of our favorite restaurants during the last years.

The ambiance is great, the place is always busy and the view is breathtaking. 

Overseeing the entire Eifel region, the terrace during nice sunny days is worth the trip alone.


It is located right below the famous Nordschleife castle with its own parking space below.

Just note that parking is limited and is on a hill.


The food is excellent and typical German, big schnitzels, steak and a great selection of beers. 

We highly recommend the Schnitzels!


Service is great, but during busy days, the waiting time can increase significantly. We don't mind, since we enjoy the great ambiance. 


Nordschleife Experience: 9+
Food Quantity: 9+
Food Quality: 9+

Price: 9
Service: 8+
Parking Space: 8 


Devil's Dinner

The one and only Devil's Dinner. The restaurant at the opening gate at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. It has the feeling and menu of an American dinner. 

From the balcony you have a nice view of all the cars going on and coming off the Nordschleife.


Serving spicy Hamburgers and Chili fries in the green hell, that is why it is called Devil's Dinner.


The ambiance is great, as everyone driving the Nordschleife, comes up here to chat about their lap, grab some food, drinks and even ice cream. Lots of memorabilia on the walls, of all the lap records and famous racing drivers. 


It is not a place where you go out for dinner, but their food is more high quality snack and full platers. 

Their Hamburgers are great, but they also have a nice Tuna salad and even pancakes if you are early.


It is always extremely busy, so service is a bit chaotic at times, but that is just part of the Nordschleife Experience.


Our recommendations: The kipnuggets and the Devils Hamburger.


Nordschleife Experience: 9+
Food Quantity: 8
Food Quality: 8+

Price: 7
Service: 7
Parking Space: Nordschleife Parking :) 




Probably the most known restaurant of the Nordschleife. Located below the hotel of Sabine Schmitz, called Hotel Am Tiergarten, resturant Pistenklause has been serving every first visitor of the Nordschleife.



Why? Because the entire restaurant is decorated in motorsport parts, motorsport history, famous cars, famous people and lots of unique memorabilia.

We have been to Pistenklause multiple times and while we feel that the experience is unique and should be experienced at least once, but the quality of food doesn't live up to the experience.

The restaurant is always packed and very hot, they service a great variety of food, from Italian to their famous hot stone steak!


As said this is the most famous restaurant around the Nordschleife, therefore it is always busy and service isn't the best. Parking is always available and again the experience is one of a kind. 


Our recommendations: Get the Hot stone steak with "Bratkartoffeln".


Nordschleife Experience: 10
Food Quantity: 8
Food Quality: 7

Price: 7
Service: 6
Parking Space: 8+ 


Restaurant Paddock Nürburg

This used to be lour favorite restaurant years back. The location in the summer is great, the cars driving past are insane.


We have seen Ferrari F40's, Carrera GT's and multiple BMW testing cars just from sitting on the terrace.

No wonder since the restaurant is placed directly next to the BMW Nordschleife Testing facility. 


Easy access on their own parking above (Watch out for low cars). Don't park your car on the side of the street during big events, because you will get towed. 


However over the last year it has had many owners, and since the last owner, we have not been back.

Good news though, this year 2020, a new owner now rules the restaurant again with a new menu. 

We will have to see, taste and experience the restaurant again. 


Update: We have been to the new owner again!


Great to see the Paddock restaurant back again. It is our favorite spot to sit and just to relax. 

The new owner just started so he will only get better. But the service was great and super friendly.


The menu is very limited but has all the things you want, like Curry Wurst, Rumpsteak, Schnitzels and Burgers. 

The Schnitzels are freshly made and we love ordering them with baked potatoes, which are excellent.


The Rumpsteak wasn't my favorite, it was overcooked and too fatty.


We also loved the simple but very good ice cream, with fresh whipped cream. You should also try the homemade brownie.


Our Recommendations: Get the Schnitzels and the Ice cream.

Overall, we highly recommend and love that this spot is back in action! All the best of luck Chris!



Nordschleife Experience: 10
Food Quantity: 8
Food Quality: 9

Price: 9
Service: 10
Parking Space: 9 


Restaurante Pizzeria Pinochio


Everyone know for pizza, you have to go to Restaurante Pinochio!


This little Italian restaurant is located in Adenau along the main road. I recommend parking down the street at the parking lot.


It has the biggest pizza's you have ever seen, and you will struggle to even finish the normal size pizza.


The normal size pizza is massive, but for the brave, they even have a XXL version (Please note that the normal pizza are shown on the pictures!)


They have over 170 different dishes on the Menu, from salads, pasta's, pizza's to steak and Schnitzels. Everything is massive and very tasty.


The place is small and always packed, but they are very creative in find space. Normal waiting period is around 30 min. 

This is not a restaurant you will go out for a long diner of 2-3 hours. You will be in and out in about 1 hour. 

Food is served quick and a bit chaotic at times, but always with a smile and even a bottle of wine after.


Portions are massive and the price is very cheap.


Our recommendations: Got to try The Pizza!


Nordschleife Experience: 7
Food Quantity: 10
Food Quality: 8

Price: 10
Service: 8
Parking Space: 5 



Located directly opposite of the BMW Testing Facility, Gasthaus Lindenhof has been at the Nurburgring for many years, providing Hotel rooms and a Restaurant.

Is is right next our good friends of EVN Ring rental. 


Typical German style restaurant from the inside and outside. They have a big gravel parking lot for the hotel and restaurant guest. 


Recently the original owners re-bought the place and we have been informed that the food and drinks are great.

They are a bit famous for the Burgers and the  2L beer challenge.


However we must see and test first. 


Updated: We have visited Lindenhof and have not been disappointed. 

With great weather we could sit outside. While I am not a big fan of the wooden benches, it was fine to sit on.

EVN Ring Rentals highly recommended the Burgers so we went with the Pulled Pork Burger and the Chicken Burger. 


The quality and taste was awesome. Very good burger bun and the the pulled pork was super tasty. The crinkle fries were very nice. 


We do feel that the portion size isn't that big. It isn't a massive burger but the quality is great.


We would love to see some more dessert options but we will be back to try next time.


The restaurant is located right across the BMW M center but has a more pub local German feeling.

Parking is great just park your car next to the church.


Our recommendations: All the burgers



Nordschleife Experience: 7
Food Quantity: 7.5
Food Quality: 9.5

Price: 8
Service: 8
Parking Space: 9


Gemütliche Ecke "Comfy Corner"


The Gemütliche Ecke, in englisch the Comfy Corner is located in Adenau, just along the main road, after the first junction.


It has been on our list for many years, but we always forget to eat there. 


We have been told that they are a traditional good German kitchen, with good beers and Schnitzels. 

We only have heard positive things, so in 2020 we have to give it a try. 


Our recommendations: To be continued?



Nordschleife Experience: ?
Food Quantity: ?
Food Quality: ?

Price: ?
Service: ?
Parking Space: ? 


27 Ventisette


Located across the secondary entry of the Nordschleife, 27 Ventisette is a Italian restaurant more focussed on quality.


If you are looking for great quality Italian food, 27 Ventisette is your place to be. Don't expect enormous portion sizes or very low prices, but real quality Italian food. Lots of our friends go here because of the quality. 


It's highly advised if you are looking for real Italian food. 


They don't have a fixed menu, as this changes seasonly. Menu for 2022 has been added. 




They have a big very good parking place for their guests and have a very nice and modern ambiance, but not really motorsport related.


Our recommendations: The pizza with steak and the Tiramisu!





Nordschleife Experience: 6
Food Quantity: 7
Food Quality: 9

Price: 6
Service: 8
Parking Space: 9 


Blaue Ecke


Hotel and Restaurant the Blaue Ecke, is located right in the center of Adenau. Parking can be found behind the hotel.


It is a great place for a drink or good food. A bit more expensive and focussing more about the quality, then big portion sizes. 


Ambiance, is not motorsport orientated, but a traditional restaurant interior. 

On the sunny terrace you have a great view over the main road in Adenau. 


Our Recommendations: Eifel Burger and a nice cocktail. 






Nordschleife Experience: 6
Food Quantity: 7
Food Quality: 8

Price: 7-
Service: 7
Parking Space: 8