Car Rental Companies Overview has been at the Nurburgring Nordschleife for the last 10 years. While driving on the Nordschleife with your own car is one of the best things in the world, it isn't without risk.

You need to make sure you can cover all the risks, like damage, insurance, costs of your own vehicle etc.


If you don't want to take your own car on the Nurburgring Nordschleife, their are plenty of Car rentals at the Nordschleife. With a massive increase in companies over the last years, we have tested quite a few of them. 

Down below you will find an overview of all the car rentals in the area. If you have any comments, reviews or companies you want to add, please contact us. 


If you have experience with one of the below car rental companies, please let us know your review, so we can see the experiences.

The Crown Rentals

The Crown is our latest Partner at


The Crown is the most famous English pub in Adenau. They offer hotel rooms, apartments, great English food and have a great Pub.


They now have expanded to Car Rentals, Storage Space and Motorsport Services. 

Within Their Nürburgring facility, they now offer track prepared rental cars, Secure parking and Rent A Ramp service. Within their building, AReeve Performance offers an after care service for BMW, MINI and Renault. With access to up-rated parts readily available off the shelf.


*Please note that the prices are excluding lap tickets and fuel*

EVN Ring Rentals

EVN Ring Rentals has been at the Nordschleife since 2016/2017. We have met the owner Frank and having nothing but great things to say about there cars and service.

You can read our Review of our experience here


EVN Ring Rentals goal is to create an unforgettable experience for you. They have some great cars for every budget.

From the great and cheap Seat Cupra cars, to a BMW M3 e92 with the special "Team Schirmer" package.


The cars are all almost new and very well maintained. 


I highly recommend taking their safety course, so you are aware of the dangerous of the Nordschleife.


*All prices are including Fuel and Lap tickets* 

Apex Nurbürg

APEX Nurburg, took the Car rentals at the Nordschleife to another level. Together with a big team, they bought a big fleet of new cars, modified them for Nordschleife purposes and have been building their headquarters in the middle of Nurburg.


Most famous for their Exotic Taxi cars, they also also offer instructors, tours and Apartment rooms


We have hired a couple of APEX Cars and all are highly modded for the Nordschleife. All cars are new or well maintained. 

Read our experience here.


We would recommend the Seat Cupra 300 for the best bang for your buck.


*All prices are including Fuel and Lap tickets*