Mercedes AMG C 63 Black Series (2014)

AMG C 63 Black Series (2014):

Colour: white metallic

Mileage: 289km


This particular car is a brand new car and was registered for only one day. In total AMG produced about 800 cars of this model.



Mercedes AMG C 63 Black Series (2014)

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Mercedes AMG SL 65 Black Series (2009)

AMG SL 65 Black Series (2009):

Colour: white metallic

Mileage: 9.800km


This car also had two owners so far. In total AMG produced about 350 cars of this model.



Mercedes AMG SL 65 Black Series (2009)

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Mercedes AMG SLK 55 Black Series (2006)

AMG SLK 55 Black Series (2006):

Colour: silver metallic

Mileage: 28.000km


The car only had one owner and this was AMG itself. According to AMG only about 130 cars of this model have been produced.


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Mercedes AMG SLK 55 Black Series (2006)

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BMW 318is SuperTouring Car (1994)

BMW 318is SuperTouring Car (1994)

Colour:                White (BMW Team Isert)

Engine:                BMW S14/7 (2.000ccm, 280PS)

Gearbox:             Hewland sequential 6-speed

Driver:                 Yolanda Surer

Chassis:               E36/CL2 0117 94



Run by BMW Team Isert, this car was driven by the ex-wife of Swiss Formula 1 driver Marc Surer, Yolanda Surer, in the German ADAC Super Tourenwagen Cup in 1994.

In the following years, the car raced in the 1997 and 1998 Championnat de France de Supertourisme


From 1999 the car was part of a private collection and had only minimal use on track days. Therefore the car never had any big accidents.


In 2013 the car was completely restored and came back on track then.


From 2016 to 2018 the car was run in several events of Tourenwagen Classics and won the Super Touring Car Championship of Tourenwagen Classics in 2017.


This BMW 318is is one the rare original SuperTouring Cars equipped with the S14/7 engine, which is very friendly to manage.

The car is ready to race and comes with several spare parts.


We have seen this car many times during the AvD Oldtimer GP and it is a perfect racing car. 


Please check out our video's on this car here:


Price: SOLD

BMW 318is SuperTouring Car

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Brand NEW Ferrari 488 Pista

Brand new Ferrari 488 Pista in a very special TDF Blue color. 


Only 85 original km's.


Full specs are available.


Car is in Germany 



Ferrari 488 Pista

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Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (2013)

Ferrari 458 Italia GT3  (2013)

Engine:               4.498ccm V8; 550PS; 550Nm

Gearbox:           Hewland, paddle shift. 6-speed,

Brakes:               6 pistons Brembo calipers – front, 4 pistons Brembo calipers - rear

Weight:              1215 kg

Team:                  Scuderia Praha



Run by Scuderia Praha from 2013 to 2016, this car is one of the most successful Ferrari 458 GT3, especially in endurance racing:

Driven by Ferrari factory driver Matteo Malucelli and team mates, this car achieved remarkable wins:

-          Winner 24h Barcelona 2014

-          Winner 12h Brno 2015

-          Vice Champion FIA 24H Series 2015

-          Etc.


In 2018 and 2019 this car was run in the FCD Racing Series, where it achieved an immaculate race history of 11 wins in 11 races, including the FCD Racing Series Championship Win in 2019.


The car is perfectly maintained and ready to race.


Furthermore there is a huge package of spare parts that comes with the car.


Price indication: POA (VAT can be excluded)


Check out the video down below:


Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (2013)

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Original Mercedes CLK DTM (RS 00-009) - Race Car

Original Mercedes CLK DTM (RS 00-009) - Race Car For Sale

This particular car is one of the two original cars from the team Mercedes Benz HWA of the season 2000.

It is the sister car of Bernd Schneider which was driven by Thomas Jäger.

The original car pass with all race entries from Thomas Jäger is available.


In 2000 the car was designed in the Mannesmann D2 livery (you can see the car on the left side of the attached group photo).

In 2003 the car was upgraded to the facelift Aero by HWA (we have as special confirmation from HWA for that).

In 2004 the car was used for as a taxi car for a special event at DTM in Zandvoort. The car was sponsored by the dutch company Trust and driven by Christian Albers. After that event the car was stored at HWA. 


Today the car is still in the Trust livery as it was used the last time by HWA.

The car comes with its special carbon-fiber passenger seat that was produced by HWA especially for that car.

So there is still the unique chance to do taxi rides with this car.


There is one additional set of spare wheels and some small parts that come with car.                                                                              

Furthermore we have the software and connection cable for the car and a complete technical documentation as well as a detailed manual for the car.


The car is very easy to use and maintain.


Please contact us for more information and pricing. 


Video of the car onboard can be seen here:

Mercedes DTM car

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