Scuderia Hanseat: Drivers Training

If I must name one drivers training on the nordschleife I would immediately think of scuderia hanseat. Started in 1958 by a group of rally and racing friends this drivers training has evolved in the number one driving course on the nordschleife.

Getting to know the “green hell” is a complicated task just because of the enormous size of the nordschleife. With 176 corners and 22,8km’s of track draped across the hills of the Eifel you won’t memorize the ideal line in one day. 

That’s why scuderia hanseat is a four day training which consist of a basic training, two days of learning the ideal line on the nordschleife by cutting the track in small bits and it ends with a final test where the drivers show what they have learned by driving full laps at the nordschleife.

Normally the scuderia hanseat drivers training is held two times a year but due to a conflict with the nordschleife management the spring version was canceled.

Thankfully the autumn version was not canceled and was held during 3rd Oct- 6th Oct 2011.

We of Track and Tuner were present at the third of October as we were interested in the basic training the drivers get before they may enter the nordschleife. The basic training is given to fully understand the dynamics of your car and to prepare the drivers for some difficult situations that may occur on the nordschleife.

The basic training consists of an evasive maneuver, driving in slippery conditions and a sliding plate which breaks the traction of the car whereby the drivers needs to respond very quickly in counter steering to stabilize the car again.

These are all very useful techniques to get a better understanding of controlling your car. (More experienced drivers who already participated in scuderia hanseat courses are not obliged to do the basic training)

Not only very useful but also a lot of fun to see and feel.

Scuderia Hanseat attracts a wide collection of cars, true supercars as well as sport saloons. Seeing these exotics in action shows there true character. It showed that the Porsches had the most difficulty in controlling the sudden outbreak, due to the weight at the back. The Ferrari’s presented by a 458 Italia and a scuderia where doing very well.

All in all we must say that the organization is very good and kind, thanks to their long experience they truly let you understand the famous and feared nordschleife.

So if you are looking for a complete training on the nordschleife take a look at the new spring and autumn dates of the scuderia hanseat driving course.

source:  http://www.scuderia-hanseat.de/en/

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