The Maarten Memorial 2012: The arrival

The Maarten Memorial is the biggest car charity event of the year, with hundreds of special cars.

Dedicated to Maarten van Sten, the Maarten memorial raises money for more cancer research.

The Maarten Memorial is a very well organized charity event with a very good cause.

Every year all the cars arrive at Ahoy, and from there the riders and their patients ride to Zandvoort circuit for some fast laps around the track. Giving the patients a great time and a distraction of their daily battle against their disease.

This year’s most popular cars where the Lamborghini LP670-SV, The supercharged Camaro Bumblebee, a Ferrari F40 and of course Maarten favorite brand the Lotus.


With 1.021.000 euro’s collected in nine editions, the Maarten Memorial has contributed significantly to the research against cancer.

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