Ferrari Enzo & Porsche Carrera GT at the Nordschleife

Going to the Nordschleife, it’s no secret that you will see some exotic cars like the Ferrari Scuderia, dozens of GT3RS and M3 CSL versions.

But to see a Ferrari Enzo and a Porsche Carrera GT together is a rare sight.

This Ferrari Enzo is fitted with Fuchs aftermarket exhausts and is wrapped black. The original color to my knowledge is Scuderia red.

Both cars were standing still on the parking lot but were asked to get a parking spot because all the people where buzzing around the cars. The stewards aren’t impressed by any car they have seen it all as you can hear in the video.

Now some facts to compare these two supercars, times on the Nordschleife are from the Autobild test a couple of years ago:

                Ferrari Enzo                                                                                     Porsche Carrera GT

Engine:                               6L V12                                                 Engine:                              5,7L V10              

BHP:                                    660                                                      BHP:                                     612

Weight:                               1365 KG                                               Weight:                                1380 KG       

0-100 KPH:                          3,3s                                                     0-100 KPH:                          3,5s

Topspeed:                           355 KPH                                              Topspeed:                           334 KPH

Nordschleife time:              7,25                                                     Nordschleife time:               7,28

Price:                                   675,000 euro                                      Price:                                     646,000 euro

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