Porsche Driving days 2012: Action shots around the Nordschleife

Just like last year, Trackandtuner.com came by the Nordschleife and saw by coincidence a couple of trucks filled with the latest Porsche 991 carrera models.

We knew what time it was, it was time for the Porsche driving days 2012.

This means a two day driving course for every Porsche model available and a complete invasion of Porsches on and around the Nordschleife. They drive in groups from novice to more trackday experience drivers, normally the last group is filled with GT3 RS models.

This year we tried to get an action photo of every Porsche on the Nordschleife.

First corner we visited was Brünnchen, always easy to park and a nice corner where they come by at high speed.

Just like last year, the Porsches were divided into groups with one big group existing out of the latest Porsche 991 Carrera S models. This new Porsche looks great in action and sounds even better. Porsche redeveloped the exhaust system for some more emotion. This has worked, stepping on the gas pedal results in the beautiful boxer sound and when you lift on, it backfires in a fantastic style.

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