Gran Turismo Evo paddock and action shots

Last week we attended Gran Turismo Evo at the Nordschleife. An extra edition for the faster riders and with BTG’s around 7.15 min it’s indeed for very fast riders.

We already saw the arrival of all the supercars and the Nissan Juke-R on track. We now take a look around the paddock and show the first batch of action shots.

With cars like a M3 e46 with an 550hp ESS Supercharger kit, Alfa 8C, three 430 Scuderia's and four Carrera GT's and even a Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang on display there was a lot to look at.

 We walked along the Nordschleife towards the famous Karussell corner.

Along the way there are a lot of fast corners to look at and to photograph.

The Porsches were dominant like in all trackdays but with a radical SR8 LM setting a time of 6.58 BTG there were a lot of quick contenders.

Enjoy the photos and take a look at www.youtube.com/tomedelic1 for videos of this great event.

Missing your car, don't worry there is more to come from the Karussell, or comment to ask for your car.

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