Nissan Juke R with 800hp GTR engine

This week the Gran Turismo Evo trackday took place on the Nordschleife. After the arrival and check in at the Lindner Hotel it was time to go to the Nordschleife.

The entire parking lot was filled with supercars but we immediately saw something very different and unique. Everybody knows the one-off build Juke R build by Nissan with a GTR engine. But this Juke R will never go into production so a Russian company called Shpilli Villi engineering produced their own Nissan Juke R with a tuned GTR engine.

This Juke R engine has been tuned with HKS turbo’s and will produce 700+ hp on normal pump gas. On 109 Octane it will produce 800hp.

With its massive rear tires and complete GTR interior this is a very unique build and they are planning to build more for potential customers.

TrackandTuner.com had the unique opportunity to fit our camera’s onboard for a lap around the Nordschleife. Due to the massive tires it’s hard to get some heat into them so they took it easy. But the loud sound and accelerations are still very impressive.

Check out the video for more info, flybys on the Nordschleife and onboard footage.

Keep up-to-date on www.youtube.com/tomedelic1 for more video's of Gran Turismo Evo.

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