FerrariOwnersClubNL Autumn drive 2012 (Herfstrit)

TrackandTuner.com was very thankful to be invited to the 2012 FerrariOwnersClubNL Autumn drive. With more than 50 Ferrari’s and more than 80 exotic cars participating, this is a very big event. In the gorgeous autumn colors, the participants gathered at the Goudreinet parking lot.

A gorgeous list of cars like a Modified F430 with ADV.1 concave wheels, Scuderia striping and for some extra noise a Capristo remote control to manually open or close the exhaust valves. A terrific Dodge Viper with a very loud but brilliant exhaust system. The entire line up of Ferrari’s was very impressive from the gorgeous 328GTS, to some beautiful Testarossa’s, four loud 360 Challenge Stradales and three new 458 Italia’s there where all there.

Some great cars were flying by like a Corvette tuned by Geiger, a couple of Ferrari 458’s and many more Italian beauties. The Ferrari F430 and Bugatti Veyron had some friendly competition around the course with the Bugatti flying on the straights and the Ferrari was catching up in the corners.

Enjoy the video of the 1001hp Bugatti Veyron and stay tuned for another 30 pictures of the special stages.

 At the 2012 Autumn Drive there were four Challenge Stradales which created a brilliant sound. From the starting point they took off to the military base to roar around the closed track.

With the beautiful autumn colors and a closed military base the roar of the Challenge Stradale could be followed around the entire track. We were located at the main straight for high speed flyby’s.

In the second part of the Special stages we check out all the other supercars around the track.

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