26x Toyota GT86 driving academy and racing history

The Nordschleife is seen as the ultimate challenge for any car and therefore all the big manufactures test their cars on the Nordschleife to get the best handling and lap records.

But what if you have created a car that’s all about fun, to slide around in. Well the Nordschleife is a bit of a tricky place to do this on the limit. Fortunately the Nurburgring is just around the corner and this F1 homologated track has all the safety run offs you need to slide your car to the maximum.

Toyota therefore organized a driving academy on the Nurburgring complete with a presentation about their driving history. They had lined up all their performance cars from the past, rally cars, the Toyota supra and their Le Mans car and they brought 26 Toyota GT86 cars ready to go on track. We didn't participate but watched the cars on the Nurburgring.

With a parking lot filled with their new GT86 in all colors it was time to get on the track and have some fun. Toyota instructors showed the participants what could be achieved in the GT86 and looking at the tires they showed how to drift an entire lap. Than it was time for the participant to do their laps around the Nurburgring and have some fun on their own.

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