Martino Rosso racing with a Ferrari 458 GT3

Finally the weather is clearing up and all seasons have begun. This includes the Dutch Supercar Challenge which had their season opening on circuit Zolder in Belgium.

TrackandTuner.com couldn’t resist and was there for a full report.

The Dutch Supercar Challenge has a very big and diverse field of participants. Everything from a M3, Mazda 20B with a rotor engine, Volvo v8’s, Vipers and Ferrari’s are racing on the track.

We take a look at Martino Rosso Racing which races with a beautiful Ferrari 458 GT3 in the Super GT division. Qualifying on a sixth place there was hope for more. With a hard start Martino Rosso racing lost a couple of places but made up for this in the first few laps. After a hard battle with a McLaren MP4-12C GT3 they managed to take 5th place which was a very good performance against faster GT2 cars.

We had the opportunity to fit our onboard cameras on and in the Ferrari 458, to cover the entire race. Take a look at the hectic start and stay tuned for more action.

As an added bonus we have some lovely 599XX sounds coming up so subscribe to www.youtube.com/tomedelic1

Thanks to Martino Rosso racing, check out their website:


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