Monaco Summer Madness

If you want to see exotic cars and enjoy great weather conditions there are only a few places left in Europe. But Monaco is the place to visit, with great weather, great scenery and all the supercars you can wish for it’s the ideal place for petrolheads to spend their vacation.

Of course the big attractions are the Monaco casino and the harbor, here the billionaires and tourists spend their time. But also around the big hotels there is a lot to see. Just like the Marussia B1 russian supercar which was on display the entire summer.

In the summer, Monaco is very busy but it’s not annoying, except for the traffic jams leading to Monaco. Monaco is very clean, has a lot of parking garages with a lot of supercars in them and the public parks are beautiful to take a look at. At the beach clubs the chances are high that you will see some exciting cars like the carbon brown 599 GTO. More on that car here.

With supercars like the Ferrari Enzo and the Carrera GT not racing on the Nurburgring like here but riding around the Monaco F1 track, one of the few public streets with curbstones along them. The madness of supercars in Monaco is unique with cars like the SA Aperta.

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