Tuner Report: Essen Motorshow 2013: part one

The Essen Motorshow has always been a very diverse show with classic cars, parts for sale, motorsport cars but for the most part tuner related. This year we focus on the high end tuners and motorsport activities.

The first exhibition was a collection of classic cars and some of the most wanted cars around the world like the Maserati MC12 which was for sale.

In the second exhibition we saw some high end tuners and a lot of wheel packages. Really liking the prior design kits, they look very aggressive. Carbon fiber dynamics had a M3 e92 fitted with a lot of carbon parts on display. Looking forward to more carbon parts.

mbDesign had a very big stand with lots of extreme cars like the Ferrari 458 Italia fitted with some aftermarket wheels , a capristo exhaust system and capristo carbon fiber parts and the open engine bay cover. Not to mention the Audi R8, just look at those exhausts.

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