Spotted: the Pagani Zonda F in full carbon fiber in Monaco

A couple of weeks ago, TrackandTuner visited the always sunny and famous Monaco.

Every year Monaco is flooded with millionaires and even billionaires who bring the biggest yachts and the best cars.

This Pagani Zonda F in full carbon fiber is a very special car even in Monaco and it’s the first we have seen.

It showed up in the AGIP underground garage. Normally the underground garages are wide enough but with a very wide Pagani it is a tight squeeze.

Pagani is known for their perfect carbon fiber finish and this car really shows the perfect V-shape carbon fiber. With its 7.3 L V12 AMG engine it produces 602 hp. Thanks to its titanium exhaust it sounds incredible. The full carbon fiber version is called the clubsport.

Check out the video for the high pitch sound of a Pagani Zonda F.

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