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Baan Velgen specializes in high-end aftermarket products like Vorsteiner, Mode Carbon, ADV.1, HRE, PUR wheels, Akrapovic and many more. Their online webshop gives easy access to all the possibilities for your car, as individualism matters.

TrackandTuner visited Baan Velgen to check out their installation of a Mode Carbon GT4 front splitter and a BMW performance steering wheel on a BMW M3 e93 DCT.

The Mode carbon front spoiler is of a very high quality. All the Carbon patterns are very clear and flawless. The GT4 spoiler offers real air ducts providing more air to the brakes. Installation was a patient job, but the result is a very aggressive perfect fitting spoiler.

BMW now offers their performance parts for several models including the BMW M3. However a performance steering wheel with LED was not DCT compatible. Seeing DCT M3’s with these steering wheels however implied that it was possible by purchasing a steptronic performance wheel.

Installation is a three hour job, which requires rewiring from the steering wheels to the DCT gearbox.

The performance steering wheel looks gorgeous fitted with LED shift lights and upholstered in full alcantara. The flat bodem has a nice feel to it and the settings are almost endless.

You can set your RPM limit where the LED light will come on, perform a ¼ mile race while the steering wheel records your time. There is a G meter reading and you can record your lap times around different tracks.

All in all Baan Velgen offered great customer service, providing after service which is very important. We think this M3 now has some great unique features in accordance with the slogan of Baan Velgen, as individualism matters.

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