WeDRIVE: 1113HP Twin Turbo Ford GT by Matechsports

TrackandTuner.com visited the Nurburgring to check out a very exciting project by Matechsports. As you can read in our article about Matechsports, you can see that this widely specialized company has lots of qualities like race prepping a VLN car, store and service your Nordschleife car or having their own paint booth. However they are Germany’s biggest Ford GT maintenance garage, well specialized in big V8’s as they maintain around 20 to 30 Ford GT’s.

TrackandTuner.com has been following their latest project which is a twin turbo Heffner performance Ford GT. A very exciting project with lots of custom built parts and has taken over 1,5 year to complete.

This Ford GT started as a crashed car and has been completely overhauled and stripped to the bone to rebuild. Performance has been upgraded by fitting a Heffner twin turbo performance kit on the already well capable V8. With boost coming in at around 4000RPM this Ford GT is now capable of producing 1113HP. The twin turbo kit wasn’t an easy bolt on project as room is very limited. Matechsports had to custom built many parts like the exhaust pipes which look like a piece of curved art.

Other big modification include a special carbon fiber flap at the rear, carbon fiber scoops and side skirts, a bumper delete and a KW HLS lift suspension to increase the height of the car for speed bumps.

One of the biggest modifications has been the fitment of a 2010 GT1 racing front end giving it a very aggressive look. Lots of work has been focused on the GT1 front as the racing version has a longer wheelbase and no place for regular streetcar parts like a fuel filler cap and the stock radiators. One of the biggest achievements is that the finished GT1 bumper now looks like it belongs on the car, without knowing the huge amount of work invested in this front end conversion. Everything is finished with custom 20 inch Niche wheels wrapped with 345 Michelin pilot supersports at the rear.

Interior has also been modified with a pioneer screen with a back-up camera, navigation, boost pressure and surround sound system. The best thing is that the interior maintains its stock like feeling. Matechsports really did a great job looking at the details even replacing the Ford logo with the new owner’s name.

We were kindly welcomed to photograph the Ford GT. Matechsports is located at the famous Nordschleife. Surrounded by the beautiful Eiffel area we were given the freedom to choose our location to photograph this brutal car. We started with locations around the Nordschleife, starting at Brünnchen and working our way back to the Nurburgring main entrance.


The great Eiffel area combines nature and motorsports into a spectacular image. After that this brutal Ford GT was ready for some rolling shots. The low aggressive profile combined with the GT1 front end gives a very low and racing car feeling. Hanging outside the car and photographing this “Black Beast” was great.

Big thanks to Matechsports for giving us this opportunity: http://www.matechsports.com 

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