Getting a ride in a MartinoRosso 599XX Evo

A couple of years back we first encountered Ferrari’s corse clienti program on Spa-Francorchamps. Here a select group of owners gets to ride their Ferrari 599XX, FXX or Formula 1 car on the best tracks around the world. This select group of Ferrari owners are contributing directly to the development of their cars and future street legal Ferrari’s.

These track monsters are continuously developed. They were recently updated with an optional Evolution package. These updates include improved aerodynamics and an upgraded exhaust system. The big wing at the back comes straight out of the formula 1 and has a DRS wing. The exhausts are in the front to create space for the huge rear diffuser to improve air flow and downforce. 

This year we were at Paul Ricard in the south of France. A beautiful resort like track with a private airfield, hotel and other luxuries. We were there to follow MartinoRosso in his very special 599XX.  Being a race car driver means pushing to the limits at any corner and maintaining steady lap times throughout the entire race. This means you need to be mentally strong but you also need to be in good condition. MartinoRosso invited us to sit next to him in the 599XX to feel what it’s like to race in a Ferrari.

With temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) it was hot.  Especially with a racing suit, helmet and HANS neck protector. With a giant 700+hp V12 engine in the front and the exhaust running directly in front of your feet the temperature in the car were even higher and we were soaked when we got out.

But the experience of sitting next to an experienced driver in a 599XX is truly amazing. The sound of the V12, the speed of the shifts, the entry speeds into corners and the acceleration onto the long back straight are breathtaking. But the brakes are on another level. Going from 275 kph (172mph) to 50kph (32mph) in less than 75 meters is insane. Your stomach is in the top of your throat and it’s a good thing you are held together tightly by the seats and the 5 point harness.

We were trying our best to capture everything on video and photo but the feeling itself is indescribable. We will never forget this experience and want to thank MartinoRosso for this great opportunity.

Enjoy the photos and listen to this EPIC V12 on video and stay tuned on www.youtube.com/tomedelic1 for more.

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