Tuner visit: Matechsports

Matechsports is based at the industrial area next to team Black Falcon and just behind the famous Nordschleife, where also KW, Jaguar, Audi and Manthey racing are located. Matechsports is capable of a wide variety of maintenance programs. From overall maintenance on your street car to race prepping a VLN BMW M3 e46 race car. You could also store your car there or let Matechsports arrange, prepare and service your car for a trackday at the Nordschleife. Besides that, they have a paint booth and are capable of a complete engine swap just like the VW Golf which will receive a 1.8 Turbo engine complete with a roll cage and upgraded brakes to attack the Nordschleife.

The VLN M3 e46 was in for a complete check up and clean up to get ready for the new race. The carbon fiber airbox was a new for me. This one has its filter right in front of the kidneys for maximum cold air. Walking inside the shop showed that Matechsports is well capable in a full engine rebuilt or piston upgrades. Overall Matechsports is an all-round workshop well capable of prepping street and race cars. But we were there for one very special project. Being Germany’s largest Ford GT maintenance shop Matechsports knows how to handle some great V8’s.

We arranged a photoshoot with their twin turbo Ford GT capable of producing 1113HP. The engine was updated by using a Heffner performance twin turbo package all fitted at their local shop. After installing the twin turbo package, they fitted a 2010 GT1 front end conversion which needs a lot of customization as it’s a true racing package. Custom exhaust pipes and carbon fiber parts were specially made by Matechsports and the car is fitted with lighter 20 inch Niche wheels and 345 Michelin pilot Supersport to accompany the 1113HP safely. More info about this car and our photoshoot here.

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