Alfa Romeo V8 Montreal at the 41th AvD Oldtimer GP

TrackandTuner.com records a very rare Alfa Romeo V8 Montreal during the 41th AvD Oldtimer GP. This was the very first time it attended the Oldtimer GP at the Nurburgring. We were there and saw this Bertone designed beauty. One of the design highlights are the open headlight covers.

With a total of just 4000 produced, this car is a very rare sight.

The original road car had a 2.6L V8 producing 220hp. This race version has more hp and is completely stripped down.

Because this car was still in development no real hp numbers are known. But it was significantly down on power compared with the Kremer K3 turbo monsters and BMW M1 procars.

But the V8 sound with open carburetors and the great design well made up for that.

TrackandTuner.com records onboard footage during a test session. One of our Gopro cameras felt of due to the heavy vibrations.

Check out the video from www.youtube.com/tomedelic1

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