Gran Turismo Nurburgring 2014

Like every year TrackandTuner.com is a big supporter of Gran Turismo Nurburgring. A very big Trackday on the Nordschleife and Nurburgring GP-Strecke attracting lots of exciting cars combined with a very relaxed atmosphere.

With our new Tokina 11-16mm lens we were ready to photograph cars like the Ferrari 458 Italia, Scuderia or the BMW M3 GTS but also an 1100HP BMW M3 e30 Turbo with a 2JZ Supra engine, more on this car later.

The new Nurburgring track has lots of run offs and safety features to let the participants feel comfortable at high speed. We were located along the back straight, the chicane and the first and very tight corner. If your car is not is this gallery please email us, as there is a possibility we have your car on camera.

 After a warm up session on the Nurburgring GP-Strecke we take a look at the two full days on the legendary Nordschleife. With weather forecasts predicting large showers across the Nordschleife, conditions seemed bad. However nothing is more unpredictable than the weather on the Nordschleife, with only a slight shower on the first day and a completely dry Friday.

The paddock was filled with lots of beautiful cars but one seemed to be missing, the new Porsche GT3. Due to engine problems Porsche has recalled all GT3 cars for a full engine replacement. However owners are now granted a new Porsche Turbo S until their new GT3 arrives.

We end the day at the famous ED gas station to see the cars fueling up and returning to their garages. After 3 days of great fun on the Nordschleife we hope to be back next year for Gran Turismo events.

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