Tuner Report: 100% Tuning feat. Nissan GTR, Ferrari F430 etc.

TrackandTuner visits 100% tuning to check out some new parts presented by the main tuners. 100% tuning focuses on everything between show cars and high performance cars. We pick some of the best tuned cars displayed during the show.

We start with the GTO line up representing some of the best sports cars of the moment like the Nissan GTR and the new Alfa Romeo 4C. But also the fire wagon of JDcustoms which wrapped there Ferrari F430 like a fire truck.


Also present were of course the many Nissan GTR’s which can be tuned relatively easily but also a nicely tuned Toyota GT86. Like the last couple of years this year was full of wrapped cars. This seems to become more and more important to give your car a unique look. With a matte grey BMW M4, American wrapped Corvette or the insanely team selfie wrap.

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