Paasraces Zandvoort: An Eastern race weekend

During an eastern weekend you can choose to relax and take a break, however you could also choose to visit the Zandvoort Paasraces for some action packed racing in the dunes. During the eastern races the circuit is filled with exciting race classes like the Dutch Supercar Challenge.

The Dutch Supercar Challenge has a very diversified field of participants from the SuperGT to the Supersport division with lots of BMW M3’s, Lotus and Seat Supercopa’s.

Zandvoort is notorious for changing weather conditions, as the Supersport division encountered light showers just before the start, making the tire choice very difficult, creating a very spectacular race which will be shown in our next article. TrackandTuner.com was positioned right in the first and famous Tarzan corner to see how the drivers handled these tricky conditions.

During the first half hour stint the cars on rain tires had an advantage. But during the race the track started to dry up and the cars on slicks didn’t need to change tires during the pit stop. This led Cor Euser in the Lotus Evora to catch up the complete pack and finish first on the podium in the Sport division. The laps in the dry were very impressive finishing in front of the British BMW M3 GTR and M3 e90 WTCC.

In the Supersport division the 130i took full advantage of the tricky conditions and won the race overtaking the others in the final lap of a very exciting race.

The Dutch Supercar Challenge has been expanding over the last couple of years with lots of exciting supercars. During the Eastern races the normal field of contenders was joined by an Audi maintained R8 LMS and new cars were presented like the cannabis Vicora V8. Just like last year the Volvo V8 is one of the big contenders and now has a partner with Kevin Snoeks in another Volvo V8. However he crashed during the first race and was out in a Corvette during race 2. This also didn’t go well as he lost his brakes in the first corner and went in the gravel.

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