Isdera: A History of very rare cars

At the 40th AvD Oldtimer GP there was a Club area for Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, Alfa and Isdera.

A very rare brand with each car hand build to the customers liking. It’s very rare to see one let alone to see six. With a close relation to Mercedes they use Mercedes engines in all their models.

The first Isdera is build in 1969 and was called the Erator GTE and based on a Ford GT40. Powered by a 5L V8 race engine from Mercedes it has 420hp and it weights only 960kg. This Isdera Erator GTE will go to 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 4.0 seconds.

The grey Isdera is called the Mercedes Benz Studie CW 311 produced in 1972. It was a concept car and was designed to minimize the drag coefficient. As the name shows it has a CW value of 0,311. As you can see even the mirror is mounted on top to decrease drag. With its tuned AMG V8 it produced 375hp and was capable of a top speed of 319 km/h. At the time it was faster than the Lamborghini LP400-S Countach and Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer

The green one is a later model CW 311 which was then named the Isdera Imperator 108i and had all the electronic help needed like ABS. Overall it was updated but still used a 5L V8 from Mercedes producing 410hp.

The green and blue ones are called the Isdera Spyder 033i-036i and were produced with light weight in mind. That’s why they used, 4 and 6 cylinder engines producing 220hp but they kept the weight down to 970kg. 0-62 (0-100km/h) went in 6.4 seconds and the top speed was 262 km/h. These cars had to represent the F1 experience with its two person cockpit. 16 models where produced.

The latest creation is the Isdera autobahnkurier 116i which has two Mercedes V8’s and a tank capacity of 145L. With 600hp and 900NM this is Isdera’s vision of the ultimate autobahn cruiser.

Isdera has been a company always looking for innovation and even build the commendatore 112i which used the first production air brake, had  Mercedes V12 engine with 620 HP capable of a top speed of 370 km/h and that is a car build in 1993.  there was only one build a offered for 3 Million dollar. Unfortunately the commendatore 112i was't at the 40th AvD Oldtimer GP but all the other models where, so enjoy.

They are still making cars so for more info check out http://www.isdera.de/

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