Curbstone with MartinoRosso: Ride along in a Ferrari 458 GT2

Thanks to MartinoRosso we were invited to go to a Curbstone Track event. With separate sessions for streetand race cars, Curbstone sets up a quality Trackday for both racing and street car drivers. However you might know that we have been following MartinoRosso racing. They are racing with their Ferrari 458 GT2 which is one of the fastest endurance cars attending. Today they were testing the Ferrari 458 GT2 on gearbox ratios. It's great to see how these cars can be taken apart by an experienced team so fast to adjust ratios. Also a new and safer seat was delivered and had to be fitted and adjusted to Martino’s liking.

We love taking a look at the team and seeing the progress they are making. To be up close to such a gorgeous race car is awesome, but to have the opportunity to sit in a real race car is unbelievable.

Thanks to MartinoRosso we have already been fortunate to drive along in a Ferrari 599XX at Paul Ricard. This time Martino brought along a seat to ride shotgun next to him in the 458 GT2. The Ferrari 458 GT2 is a real endurance race car, so in essence a single seater. To put it in perspective the 458 GT2 is about 15-20 seconds faster than the 599XX on Spa-Francorchamps. Getting in such an awesome car is always a great feeling, putting your helmet on and getting strapped in tightly is an experience on itself. Then the engine starts and we are of on one of the fastest and most beautiful tracks in the world, Spa-Francorchamps.

The first few laps were unbelievable, we didn’t know were Martino would be braking and just going flat out in Eau Rouge then breaking halfway through and back on the power all the way up, only seeing the sky is an unbelievable feeling. The brakes, the sounds, the acceleration and the endless climb in RPM’s are mind-blowing. After the first few laps you get in a rhythm and start to really empathize with the driver. Pushing over the curbstones, passing cars by braking even later and the feeling coming out of the fast corners when the car is shaking but Martino is keeping on the power is such a great feeling.

Again a ride of a lifetime which we will never forget thanks to MartinoRosso, racing with Ferrari.

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