Acceleration14: Day one at the Nurburgring

TrackandTuner.com attended an Acceleration14 event. This new venue combines 80’s and 90’s music on Friday and DJs on Saturday with exciting race classes like the Dutch Supercar Challenge and their own Formula 1 session called the FA 1. With the combination of music and racing they try to attract a wider audience bringing fun for the whole family. Together with David Hasselhoff they celebrate the 80s and 90s creating a big festival for all ages. With DJ’s like the Bingo Players they attract a younger dance audience all combined on the Nurburgring.

On Thursday we take a look at the free practice of the Dutch Supercar challenge. During the free practice there is the possibility to test your settings and racing lines for the perfect lap at qualification and setting up a good racing pace. The Dutch Supercar Challenge is always full of gorgeous cars like the Ferrari 458, Dodge Viper GT3, Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 and many more. This time we had new contenders like the Ferrari 458 Challenge combined with some new aero parts and the new Porsche GT3 cup.

As always the Nurburgring has a tendency to ignore weather forecasts and therefore we started off with a wet first free practice. This made it hard for some riders to get the first corners right, because of Rock am Ring just a week later, the Nurburgring lay out had changed compared to the F1 track. The second corner is also a very tight lefthander which is hard to get out of without losing speed. During the second free practice the sun was out and conditions were perfect. It was clear that the high horsepower monsters like the Dodge Viper GT3 and Volvo V8’s were very hard to beat. MartinoRosso with their 458 GT2 was riding at fourth place setting up a good race pace. Stay tuned for a lot more images of the Sport division and both race 1 and race 2 of the Dutch Supercar Challenge.

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