Tuner Visit: BMW M3 e46 CSL airbox installation + Dyno @ AutoBeekracing

TrackandTuner.com just finished a full CSL carbon fiber airbox installation together with a decat and Supersprint race lightweight race exhaust on a BMW M3 e46 convertible, all available by contacting us.

Our main focus in this article is the supreme CSL carbon airbox. The BMW M3 CSL is a true icon and probably because of the great induction sound from the carbon fiber airbox. The CSL has 360HP instead of 343HP like the “normal” M3 e46. Our customer wanted the sound and performance on his gorgeous M3 e46 convertible. That’s why we have installed a replica CSL airbox however this carbon airbox has a bigger air intake therefore letting the engine breathe better. Installation isn’t straight forward and requires some modification for this SMG version. However the airbox is all fitted perfectly.

Next up is tuning the ECU with an Alpha-N setting. We chose AutoBeekRacing for setting up the Alpha-N tuning for their experience and rolling road, better known as the available dyno. AutoBeekRacing specializes in ECU tuning on their dyno, Big Tarox brakes and preparing race cars for young timers or any race event. They also have a lot of experience with Mini’s and building up your perfect classic Lotus or Porsche.

We highly recommend live mapping on the dyno as every car is slightly different. What Alpha-N basically does is remove the air sensor and program the air and fuel mixture. Because this car is also de-catted with a full Supersprint race exhaust we could play a bit more with the ECU Setting.

The noise of this car is truly spectacular with the high induction noise upfront and the heavy exhaust out back this completely transforms this convertible into a real CSL racer. Because of these modifications and by setting the ECU this car made 388HP and 419NM on the dyno. More than +40HP over stock and even +28HP more than the CSL icon.

Check out this amazing car at www.youtube.com/Tomedelic1 and see the video below to hear this sound.

Thanks to http://www.beekautoracing.nl/

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