Best of Acceleration14: FA1 and Dutch Supercar Challenge

TrackandTuner.com visited Acceleration14 at the Nurburgring. This track event combines music with racing, to entertain the whole family throughout the weekend.  We have already seen the first race of the Dutch Supercar Challenge and the Sport division. In this article we look at the best pictures and race two of the weekend.

A weekend filled with motorsport action at the Nurburgring, is our way of spending our weekends. As usual the weather at the Nurburgring was unpredictable but the after some minor showers the weather cleared up and the sun took over. In the first race we have seen a strong victory of the Dodge Viper, with Kelvin Snoeks second and a very well done third for MartinoRosso

Acceleration14 brings a new and exciting concept to the tracks. They provide entertainment for the entire family with 70’s and 80’s music on Friday and dance music on Saturday combined with an entire weekend of racing. They also bring their own FA1 race, where each car represents a nation. These FA1 cars are all identical having a V8 producing 550HP and a sound to match.


During the weekend the Dutch Supercar Challenge has two races. Race one we have already seen here, but race two was equally challenging. This time the Volvo V8 from Kelvin Snoeks had the best start leaving the Dodge Viper behind and creating a gap in the first part of the race. However the Dodge Viper GT3 started to close the gap in the end of the race coming within 2 second of the number one. However Kelvin Snoeks reacted and increased his pace to counter the attack. MartinoRosso did a great job considering the huge penalty seconds in the pit, coming in at third place again with their 458 GT2 and getting first place in the championship.

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