Scuderia Hanseat: A Supercar driving course

TrackandTuner.com visited the Scuderia Hanseat driver’s course at the Nordschleife. As some of you may remember our first article was dedicated to the Scuderia Hanseat drivers training, where we showed the basic training all participants have to follow to understand their car to the fullest. This year we check out the training on the Nordschleife as we walked upon the drivers driving just when they lined up at the Nurburgring main straight. Where they were joined by the AMG driving academy and supercars like the 458 Speciale, Mercedes SLS black series and an ultra rare Gumpert Apollo where present.

Scuderia Hanseat cuts the Nordschleife into several sections where the riders will drive the sections for several times learning the ideal line around every section. As you can see every time the drivers come back to the beginning point which Tomedelic1 all has on video below, together with GumbalTV we had a great time filming. One fun thing to watch was a drag race between a new Porsche TurboS and the 997 GT2 RS. It was obvious that the launch control setting of the TurboS was unbeatable of the line.

When all the sections are mastered they are free to go onto the entire Nordschleife for the ultimate lap, where they will be judged at every section by staff of Scuderia Hanseat.  This year many spectacular cars were participating like a Ford GT in gulf livery, Ferrari F12 and 599GTO among several 458 Italia’s and many Mercedes cars like the SLS AMG black serie and the new A45 AMG compact of coarse joined by several Porsches.

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