Trackday: A Skylimit event at the Nordschleife

TrackandTuner.com often visits the Nordschleife and Nurburgring. During the summer holidays we visited a Skylimit trackday at the Nordschleife. As we visit lots of Nordschleife trackdays we immediately noticed some track ready cars around the Nordschleife eagerly awaiting the green hell. During a beautiful day in the Eiffel, cars like a green McLaren 650S straight from the factory, lot’s of Porsches including the new spectacular GT3 in white or red were ready to go.

Two BMW M3 e92’s from team Schirmer were tearing up the track with their specially prepared M3’s. The biggest difference isn’t performance as the gearbox and engine are kept stock only adding some extra cooling. These cars are all about handling with a complete overhaul of the suspension.  But also participating was an Audi RS5 from England. This was no ordinary RS5 as it was supercharged to 650HP and fitted with a great aftermarket exhaust giving it the sound it deserves. It was also fitted with some great BC forged wheels and slightly lowered to complete the look. Again thanks to the owner for showing us around and giving a ride to Tomedelic1.


A very popular Nordschleife car is the Nissan GTR. On this trackday we had a variation of gorgeous and very spectacular colored Nissan GTR’s. But we had a great ride in a 750HP track prepped Nissan GTR. Completely fitted with carbon parts as even the roof was carbon fiber. This monster lapped the Nordschleife in 7:38 BTG with Tomedelic1 onboard. One of the fastest onboard times we have recorded let alone been in. The very experienced driver just flew over curbstones and we could have managed a 7:35 without traffic.

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