Ferrari Club Deutschland at the 40th AvD Oldtimer GP

At the 40th AvD Oldtimer GP there is a closed area especially for clubs like Porsche, Isdera, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari Club Deutschland.

Ferrari Club Deutschland is a guarantee for gorgeous Ferrari’s, with this year some very nice 458 Italia’s and spiders. Like the yellow 458 Spider with Novitec wheels and the red 458 spider with a lot of carbon accents like the rear lights, mirrors and spoilers.

Of course the Ferrari Enzo was the eye catcher, together with the Porsche Carrera GT they were the stars. But looking behind the Enzo there was a black Novitec 458 spider with all black and chrome accents.

Enjoy the images and check out www.youtube.com/tomedelic1 for more videos of the 40th AvD Oldtimer GP at the Nurburgring.

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