Tuner Report: Essen Motorshow 2014: part two

TrackandTuner.com visited the Essen Motorshow 2014. In our first part you have seen some gorgeous classics and new wheels designs. In this part we go to the next area and check out the motorsport cars and the high end tuner like Prior-Design, Manhart Racing, Hamann and many more.

The motorsport area was filled with active Nordschleife cars like VLN cars or the Alpina 6 series GT3 and Z4 GT3. Next up were some impressive Audi’s like the all black Audi RS6, the wrapped RS4 and the oldskool big turbo power RS2.

Next up were the high end tuners like Manhart Racing who brought their wide body BMW 2 series with 400HP and their new BMW M4 with 550HP. Like in the first part the BMW M4 was the car of the show as Hamann also brought their version which included a front and rear splitter and spoiler package. 

SKN tuning also had an impressive line-up with a Supercharged Audi R8 and a very wide and aggressive BMW 650i with 700HP. Eisenmann was presenting their new BMW M3/M4 exhaust system. With the new tips and running all the way from the downpipes it looked very pretty. In this area the best supercars are collected and like a Zenvo and a Lamborghini Aventador by Mansory, both with more than 1000HP. The new BMW i8 looks like a great platform to fit some new wheels. Last in this area was Prior design, which we loved due to their very aggressive wide body designs.

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