BMW Heaven at the 42nd AvD Oldtimer GP

TrackandTuner.com visited the 42th AvD Oldtimer GP with lots of gorgeous classic cars. We of TrackandTuner have visited the AvD Oldtimer GP over the past 5 years as it is one of our favorite events at the Nurburgring. The diversity of legendary cars is immense and the old classic sound is unbeatable.

In this article we check out the BMW presentation, set up at the paddock. With cars like the legendary BMW M3 e30 FINA, Warsteiner DTM cars or a McLaren F1 GTR there was lots to see. For this special occasion BMW had brought no only the legendary cars from the past but also the drivers like Cecotto, Soper, Marc Hessel and many more. Cecotto posing for us in his BMW M3 e30 FINA DTM car which he was driving (pictures in last block).

During the warm up session all the cars were all revving inside the BMW presentation booth and creating an awesome sound. With the 4 cylinder M3 e30 DTM cars screaming but the BMW V12 McLaren F1 topped them all. We had the opportunity to come very close to the cars and especially to the legendary FINA McLaren F1 V12 GTR which won the 24H of Le Mans in 1995. This “long tail” edition was driven by Marc Hessel. We checked out the extraordinary race position right in the centre along all the buttons to control this BMW V12 powered race car. The all carbon fiber tub and flying doors look great especially in company with all the other BMW race cars.


We positioned along the Nurburgring in the final chicane. Just before is a long full power straight were we could hear the BMW M3 e30 DTM carbon airbox screaming. This induction sound is overwhelming and even topped the V12 McLaren sound. At the beginning Cecotto put up a fight against the much more powerful McLaren. In the end the McLaren F1 GTR pulled in the front and showed its racing heritage. Seeing and hearing these cars flyby is a truly an unique feeling and that’s why we love the AvD Oldtimer GP so much.

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