WeDRIVE: Jaguar F-type experience: Driven the V6s and V8

TrackandTuner.com had the pleasure to attend the Jaguar F-Type experience in Amsterdam. This one day experience gives the opportunity to drive the Jaguar V6s and V8 to some exclusive companies and locations associated with a Jaguar lifestyle. It began on a pretty damp Saturday were we were greeted by five Jaguar F-Types. One V8 and four V6 versions including the s-version. We had breakfast and a first experience with the Jaguar V6s. First of the sound and seating position are very aggressive. Especially on startup these cars sound so mean. We really like the look as well, combined with the sound it is almost a modern muscle car. However it can also drive very comfortable as we went off to our first location in the middle of Amsterdam. On our way the V6s sounded great through the small city roads. Our first location was Denham a modern jeans manufacturer were we saw their new fashion collection.

Off we went to the second location, the well famous Oger store in the PC. Hoofdstraat which after our visit with five Jaguars were all deafened. Nicely greated in the parking garage by a Ferrari FF. As you see the F-Type is way smaller.

Our last stop was at the Oyster club for some fine dining. All in all we had an awesome time experience the lifestyle and the feeling of the car. So what do we think of the Jaguar? The sounds this car makes are so incredible that we wonder how they get this standard exhaust road legal. The looks of the Jaguar are a second major plus point as the really sloped windshield make this aggressive looking. Seating position was slightly off, we had the feeling we couldn't really place the front nose as we sat so low. Handling don't compare this to a very precise car however see the F-type as a really good handling cruiser with a deafening sound and you will be very happy with the car.

We truly love the F-type, the sound of this car is so good you overlook some of the small downsides of the car. Don't believe me? Check out the awesome video from Tomedelic1 down below.

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