AvD Oldtimer GP 2014: Walk Around the Paddock

rackandTuner visited the 42nd AvD Oldtimer GP and as always finds a huge diversity of gorgeous cars not only on the track but also around the Nurburgring. In this first part we take a look at what’s driving  around the Nurburgring and take a look inside the paddock to see all the beautiful cars. During the first day we already encountered a Ferrari 458 Nikki Lauda edition which was up for auction during the Oldtimer GP.

Just a bit further we saw a gorgeous Shelby cobra and the new Porsche hypercar the 918 Spyder.  We entered the pit lane were we saw team AH racing with their M1 Procar ready to test the car for the upcoming races. Like every year we support them and keep a close eye on their results.

Down the paddock we saw lots more gorgeous ///M cars which we already shown here. But also a Pantera fitted with its big V8 this car did great during the weekend. Porsches in lots of different colors and menacing Ford Zakspeed which was one of the fastest cars on track. Just looking at these engines, you know they make a beautiful sound.

We start with the oldest cars in the paddock. We have a great respect for the drivers of these cars especially driving them in the rain. Alongside the paddock we have the real turbo Porsche cars from Kremer racing. These turbo monsters can produce more than 700HP and were only matched on track by team AH racing with their M1 procar or the amazing Ford Zakspeed which had the attention from famous Porsche collector Magnus Walker.

The paddock is filled with extremely rare classic cars like the Ferrari 250GTO breadvan #1/1.

Just walking in the paddock we met driving legend Walter Rohr, giving away autographs. We later learned he was driving the new Porsche 918 Spyder.

Around the Nordschleife and Nurburgring the area is filled with supercars like a Lamborghini or Ford GT but also with a rare Alpina B3 GT3.

Time to get back to the track to check out the classic F1 cars, which make some real noise. These John Player special F1 cars are still legendary.

The club area is filled with clubs from McLaren, Ferrari, Maserati and the biggest Porsche. Walking into the club area your attention is directly grabbed by the massive Porsche area. Filled with every Porsche ever made from the Porsche 911 Turbo to the Le Mans racers or the 918 Spyder, every car is on display. Always nice to see are the Porsche special equipment cars with custom paint samples and special options making your Porsche a really unique car.

But this year also McLaren had a nice area filled with their success car the McLaren MP4-12C and the new 650S, with a special appearance of the Senna’s F1 car. Time for some Italian beauties with Maserati and Ferrari. We completely fell in love with the interior of the MC Stradale cars. The stitching and color combination are beautiful.

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