Dutch Supercar Challenge: Spa Racing festival

TrackandTuner.com has visited lots of Dutch Supercar Challenge events this year. Supporting MartinoRosso and enjoying the relaxed and diverse field of cars. This year the competition within the SuperGT class is intensely close with MartinoRosso with their Ferrari 458 GT2 only one point ahead of the Day-v-Tec Volvo V8 (700HP) and nine points in front of the raceart Viper GT3.

With only four races left the battle intensifies at the Spa Francorchamps circuit. During a sunny race one, MartinoRosso was hit during the second lap, having to forfeit the race due to a broken wheel however still scoring some points because they had driven 75% of the race. The Volvo V8 also crashed out due to a flat tire scoring even less. The big winner of the first race was the Viper GT3 which now leads the championship together with MartinoRosso with the same amount of points.

In the GTB division the competition is also between a Ferrari 458 GT3 and a Dodge Viper. With the Curbstone Ferrari leading with 22 points after the two races at Spa. They have to finish their races at Assen to grab the championship. But with 80KG of extra weight it won't be easy to win in front of the Viper.

Race two was a completely different matter. Conditions were wet and cold. Meaning conditions where tricky to race at. With a great start from the other Volvo V8, Kevin Snoeks took the lead in front of the Viper and MartinoRosso. This stayed the same until the pitstops, where Kelvin Snoeks had to retire do to a broken gearbox right after exiting the pitlane. MartinoRosso jumped into first place closely followed by guest riders with their BMW Z4 GT3 and Ferrari 458 GT3. The race was close and due to a pitlane error MartinoRosso had a 20 second penalty but still managed to take third place in front of the Viper GT3 and the Volvo V8.

Now with only two races left on circuit Assen they are just one point in front of the Viper GT3 and only 7 points in front of the Volvo V8.

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