BMW M1 Buler procar: AvD Oldtimer GP

TrackandTuner.com visited the 43rd AvD Oldtimer GP 2015. This amazing spectacle always has the best Oldtimer cars ready for racing. This year we had another brilliant time during this three day racing festival. One of our favorite cars during the Oldtimer GP is the BMW M1 Procar. A true BMW ///M power car which probably sounds better than any racing car. This year we had an amazing experience because we went onboard three BMW M1 procars. So stay tuned for lots of real racing for lots of different points of view made possible by AH-racing, MK-Motorsports and Wagner Motorsports.

This first article is about the BMW M1 procar in the historic Buler livery. Buler is a Swiss watch company which during the golden era sponsored Swiss BMW driver Marc Surer. This year the owner M. Kammermann had this historic livery on his BMW M1 procar. He built this car by himself and keeps his car in perfect condition. The BMW M1 procar has around 450HP and only weights 1020KG.

During the first race he finished third behind the AH-racing BMW M1 and the Turbo Ford Capri Zakspeed.  During the race the first corner is critical and as you can see in the video the Porsche Turbo spun just in front of him. Fortunately he could go around and chase the very fast Porsche Kremer K3 Turbo cars with over 700HP. But these Turbo monsters failed to finish gaining a well-deserved third place.

Race two was almost the same as race 1 however he had a nice battle with the AH-racing BMW M1 procar which flew by on the main straight as seen in the video. We walked along the track to capture these awesome cars and massive flames spitting from the exhaust. These massive flames are almost 1 meter long. An awesome view and a great in depth look for these million euro cars.

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