VLN last race of the year at the Nordschleife

TrackandTuner.com attended the last race of the VLN.de racing series. During the week temperatures where rising and all seemed well for the weekend, an EPIC weekend with VLN racing and the next day VLN touristfahren, more on that later.

First let me explain the VLN series. The VLN langstreckenmeisterschaft is the racing series on the Nordschleife. They combine the GP-Strecke with the Nordschleife combined with many racing group series. Basically you have the full on pro GT3 series with cars like the Porsche RSR, Mercedes SLS AMG GT3, R8 GT3 LMS and Ferrari 458 GT3. These cars are full on racing cars however all the teams have adapted the GT3 to fit the Nordschleife. Other groups are the 3 series, m235i racing, junior and Toyota GT86 cup and many more. With races over 4 hours (depending on the time schedule and the weather) this results in an action packed race. With some really big speed differences it is interesting to watch and normally ends in pretty spectacular racing.

As said we had 20 degrees weather forecasts for the last October weekend but the Nordschleife always has its own way. We woke up to a really cold and misty sight. We knew that this means some changes in the timing schedule. The race and qualifying sessions where shortened because of the difficult weather circumstances. However when it all started the engines made all the right noises to get us warmed up.

One of the stunning racing cars is the Glickenhausen SCG003 which looks and sounds like a spaceship. The concept is so different to all the other cars and we can only get very excited by these private projects by director and entrepreneur James Glickenhaus. Great job on styling but that’s to be expected from an all Italian team.

Best sounding cars that day was the pole position BMW Z4 GT3 which was fastest in these difficult circumstances. Another brutal car was the concept racer Lexus. This runs in the concept series which gives them a bit more freedom.

Another great cup to us is the BMW M235i racing cup, providing a relatively inexpensive way to get you racing at the Nordschleife. We were rooting for Kiki Sak Nana which we met a couple of times during Touristfahren with its red bull sponsored BMW M235i racing.

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