WeDRIVE: Photoshooting friends with Bimmers

TrackandTuner.com is a huge fan of BMW's in every kind of way. We love the old skool handling of the classic BMW e46, the sound of the BMW M5 e60 V10 and so much more. But we also love the new technology like in the BMW i8. That's why we have asked our friends to join us for a lovely ride, photo shooting the cars and enjoying each other cars and modifications, that's what WeDrive is all about enjoying and celebrating your cars. 

We were joined by not 1 but four BMW M3's. All have different modifications like the carbonfiber dynamics M3 CSL front bumper, rear CSL spoiler, carbon airbox, CSL wheels or Z-performance wheels, different exhaust options and a lot more. Check out our photo's below for more details.

The BMW e46 seems like such a good platform for a major built. We were joined by multiple e46's and all had some slight or major changes. Like the Sepang bronze e46 with full custom front splitter and rear diffuser, or just fitting an exhaust and lowering it slightly can make such a difference on these cars.

One of our favorites remains the BMW M3 e46, lots of fun, incredible sound and lots of modification possibilities. What is your ultimate mod list?

As you can see we have had a lovely drive along the coast, enjoying all the 6 cylinder sounds and the mighty BMW M5 e60 V10 scream. Good weathers, good cars what's more to like than just having a blast with your Bimmer friends. Hope you have enjoyed the photo's, if you want one in high definition please contact us.

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