Cannes: a Supercar Boulevard

Monaco isn’t the only buzzing place along the Cote D’azur during the summer. Famous for its film festival, Cannes attracts the rich and famous during the entire summer. The long boulevard, the expensive Hotels and the luxury shops make it an ideal place to show off your supercar.

The long boulevard of Cannes is the main road where you can find the exotic cars parked in front of the big Hotels. Cars like the Ferrari 458 Italia spider and a Lamborghini Aventador are regular guests in the summer.

Walking down the boulevard we saw a white Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport and a red Rolls Royce cruising by, attracting quite some attention.

We also checked out some of the Hotels where we saw a Lamborghini LP670-SV with number 000/350 which we already saw in Monaco.

After our walk along the impressive Yachts we saw a Yellow Ferrari 360 with matching wheels, what do you think about it?

The boulevard is gorgeous around sun set and filled with fast cars, like the matte white Nissan GTR which accelerated loudly down the road, where it came very close to a Maserati Gran Turismo as seen in the video.

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