Monaco by Night: Bugatti, Pagani, Ferrari and more

We have visited Monaco a couple of times in part one. Mostly during the day when the sun is shining and most Monaco residents are at the beach. But during the night the true Monaco lifestyle comes out. We have already seen the Pagani Zonda full carbon clubsport but Monaco is flooded with great cars just like the Mansory Ferrari 599.

With fewer tourists than during the day the residents of Monaco go to dinner at the best restaurants in Monte-Carlo. The main place is of course the Monaco casino. With Hotel the Paris as one of the high end hotels and restaurants, it is a constant flow of exotic cars.


The main attraction this evening where the two Lamborghini Aventador’s combined with a LP670-SV in a great deep red color. The Lamborghini’s attracted a real crowd and stole the show.

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