McLaren Madness on the ring: 14x MP4-12C

The Nordschleife never gets old with great cars entering the toughest track each weekend. But sometimes you see a remarkable group of cars. This time we saw 14 McLaren MP4-12C cars ready to attack the ring.

McLaren is testing their new cars hard on the Nordschleife. The New P1 is attacking the ring record as we speak. So with the McLaren MP4-12C with 625hp with a weight of 1400kg it’s a perfect toy for the Nordschleife. That’s exactly what this group of McLaren’s thought.

Showing up with 14 cars, the complete parking lot was filled with McLaren’s. All with different colors and special options. Like the special operations version, matte finish,carbon ceramics or even the union jack livery.

Choose your favorite combination in the photos and video.

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