Borderrun 2014: A Supercar drive part one

TrackandTuner.com participated during Borderrun 2014, a Supercar drive around the Dutch and Belgian border. With an impressive list of supercars and super saloons we drove to the start location Sluis, near the Belgian border. When we arrived there was a big supercar traffic jam over flooding the village centre. With about 140 cars attending and even more spectators this was a sight to behold.

Cars like the Mercedes G wagon 6x6 stood tall next to the very low Lamborghini LP670-SV. But also in the parking lot there were lots of nice cars like a 500hp Mercedes C63 AMG wagon, with lots of carbon parts or a crazy wrapped Ferrari 458. After the cars arrived it was time to depart to ride the first route towards the lunch location.

The route was diverse along small city centre roads through long sweeping corners and beach side locations. We arrived early at the lunch location to see all the cars coming in. Within minutes the parking lot was filled again with lots of gorgeous cars. Some even showing the immense power they had just like the Mercedes SLR McLaren, who pulled a burnout ride into Belgium as recorded by Tomedelic1.


Stay tuned for part two, and check out the first video of a SLR McLaren completing a burnout. Also don’t forget to subscribe to www.youtube.com/tomedelic1 for a lot more video’s of Borderrun 2014 including a nice compilation of the entire day full of flybys.

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