Borderrun 2014: A Supercar drive part two

In Part one we stopped at the lunch break. After we welcomed the last few cars including the immense Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 and the Lamborghini Aventador it was time for lunch. The lunch was very well organized and very tasteful. After some rest we were ready for the second route of the day.


This route was longer and fortunately we were in a big pack of great cars to follow. The route went through Belgium were entire streets came out to watch the supercar tour. The route was mainly small country roads but we also had some highway fun. We popped into the Netherlands again to gather at the end location. We were welcomed for some drink and bites, were the drivers gathered to talk about the great day we had, provided by Ford van Putten.

We could also take a closer look at some of the cars like the BMW M5 e60 tuned by Mosselman and producing 550hp. Wrapped in matte brown by JDcustoms and fitted with a full carbon fiber engine bay, which looked great.

Last but not least one of the BMW’s was keen to do some donuts in the parking lot. We fitted our cameras to video these great donuts, a job well done. Stay tuned for a compilation from www.youtube.com/tomedelic1 and don’t forget to like us on facebook: www.facebook.com/Trackandtuner

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