The new BMW M3 and M4 in detail

TrackandTuner.com was invited to check out the new BMW M3 and M4 at BMW dealer J. de Fonkert. BMW dealer J. de Fonkert had a white BMW M3 which is now the sedan and a sapphire black metallic M4, which is the coupé.

Our first impression of the M4 was that it looked menacing in black, on black wheels (styling 437 M) and with an all black interior. This demo model was fitted with the optional ceramic brakes, recognizable in yellow/gold which will set you back 7,794 euro’s, which is the same as an aftermarket Brembo steel big brake kit. Other options include carbon interior strips (491 euro’s), the M driver’s package (2,616 euro’s) and the DCT transmission (3,965 euro’s). Together with a lot of internet options this M4 will cost you 133,752 euro’s.

We loved how it looked, great stance with its wider wheel arches, lovely new angel eyes and those ceramic brakes are gorgeous.

The new 6 cylinder engine twinpower turbo does look like a bit of a disappointment but it is surrounded by a gorgeous carbon fiber brace, motorsport additional oil sump cover and oil drain pump, producing 431HP and 550NM of Torque and will rev to 7,600rpm. Rumors are that dyno tested cars by some car magazines have found figures at around 465HP. The new M4 is way more fuel efficient and will go from 0-62MPH in 4,1 seconds.

The new M3 is the new name for the sedan version, this 4 door sedan was slightly cheaper at around 125,000 euro’s with the ‘normal’ steel brakes. Interior just like the M4 has had a real upgrade compared to the e92 M3. All the internet gismos are fun but I really liked the new seats, steering wheel and flappy paddles which gave me a sporty feeling. Interesting to see where the new mirrors which are wider but still preserve the ///M gap. Maybe not as interesting as the performance figures but from a practical standpoint the rear seat space and boot space where quite good.

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