Breeman M event: Every BMW ///M car on display

TrackandTuner.com visited an impressive display of BMW ///M cars at BMW dealer Breeman. They had collected every single BMW ///M car, even including some racecars. On arrival we were immediately greeted by a BMW M3 e30 Johnny Cecotto edition, which remains one of the best M cars. Just a bit further was something completely different, the new BMW M5 F10 finished in frozen grey, fitted with every single option and ceramic brakes. It looked very impressive but also massive compared to the two racing BMW M3 e30’s across, one in the beautiful Diebels Alt livery.

Just a bit further we saw the new BMW M3 and M4, this time in metallic grey and Laguna Seca blue. Personally the M4 in grey is a bit of a boring color, however Laguna Seca blue was really standing out on the new M3. Along the line there were two outstanding British M3’s and a 320is which is really a M car specially built for the Italian market with a 2L 4 cylinder engine producing 200HP.

A first was the display of the new BMW i8, a revolutionary car with a three cylinder turbo engine combined with electro power. To be honest I wished that they had fitted it with the M5 e60 V10 because the car looks so futuristic and has a real supercar feel, but in these green days this i8 will be a Porsche contender. The looks of it are great, and even inside the displays have something NASA could have made. The big carbon tub and big doors require some agility in getting inside, but when you do the i8 fits like a glove, a really nice seat and a low position guarantees a sporty feeling. Overall the car looks and sits great, but I wonder how it will be to drive?

Next up we went up and saw a whole array of M3 coupes and the timeless BMW Z8. Along the line there was a gorgeous BMW M3 e92 fitted with lots of M performance parts and a carbon V1 GTS splitter, next to a rather unique and individual dark purple M3 e93. Alongside we have the still beautiful M3 e46 CSL, which remains a true sportscar.

Further along we saw a 850csi manual, and a whole array of M6 cars. Standing out was the dark blue one, what a stunning color. Time to go downstairs where we were greeted by a 2002 Turbo and a whole section of M3 e36 and M535i cars. A true M collection isn’t complete with the BMW M1 or 3.0CSL which were brotherly side by side. Outside we had a snack and a drink next to a BMW M3 e46 GTR racecar after which we went home satisfied seeing the entire collection of M cars.

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