WeDRIVE: BMW X5 4.0e De Fonkert: A Surprise

TrackandTuner.com had the pleasure to drive the new BMW X5 4.0e hybrid. Thanks to BMW dealer Jer. De Fonkert we were very surprised by this car. On paper this 14% XDriveE looks like another financially discounted car. However we were quite surprised on the handling and power of this car as you can read in this full review.

Looks: Look normal right?

First we check out the outside of this car. Well is just looks like a regular BMW X5 right? Well this one has a full M package, bigger exhaust tips and overall a real presence. Big wheels and the M package are optional but increase the looks of this car by miles. Only thing noticeable that this is indeed a hybrid are the slightly different famous M kidneys.

Engine: A real Surprise

Funny when you first start the engine, no sound or revs appear due to the electric engines. But we are used to that by the BMW i8 now. However this car only has a range of about 30km full electric. However this system just like the BMW i8 is effortless, you won’t feel the engine kicking in or just going full electric, that’s a big achievement for such a big car. A really awkward moment is when the electric engine is recharged again and cuts the engine seeing your revs drop to 0, driving in total silence. So what about the “normal” engine. That’s where the surprise is, it is only a 4-cylinder turbo engine producing 242HP. However the electric engine produces 116HP and 184lb ft. on instant torque. Together they produce 309HP which is more than capable for this SUV. Especially with the 8-speed gearbox and the instant torque this car was a real surprise in speed and does 6.8s from 0-62MPH.

Handling: A big SUV?

TrackandTuner.com normally drives slightly lower sports cars so sitting high initially feels a bit unused to. However just cruising along on the highway these cars have their purpose, as they feel really relaxed. No bumps, no car sound just cruising along but do check your speed in the progress. Set it with your limit setting, which is quite handy limiting your speed to your liking. Press limit and the car won’t exceed your chosen speed however when you fully press the accelerating pedal it will detect you want to overtake and therefore remove the limiter, clever.

How is handling in the corners, well this car isn’t made for doing that. It is quite good however just driving it in a sporty manner. However body roll is normal and for an SUV this car is up with the best SUV cars handling wise.

Hybrid: How is fuel economy?

Why would you choose this car over the diesel or normal gasoline engines? Well in the Netherlands it has some economic benefits if bought this year only paying 14% tax. It will do 800km on a full tank and charge. This is quite good for such a huge SUV. However do not think you will be driving in full electric mode a lot. Only reaching 30km on a charge you won’t come far, however the clever hybrid system will reload and interchange were possible saving you some miles.

Conclusion: A surprising package

All in all the BMW X5 4.0e Hybrid package positively surprised us with its relaxing drive in eco mode but the torque and 8-speed gearbox is very capable of going fast. We would be using the limit button a lot on this car because the speed you are doing just isn’t noticeable and effortless.

If you like this review and the car don’t forget to check out your economic benefits until the end of this year at https://dealer.bmw.nl/jerdefonkert/nl_NL/index.html which we thank for driving this car.

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