BMW M1 Procar: Going racing with AH-Racing

TrackandTuner.com visited the 43rd AvD Oldtimer GP on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. You have seen our walk throught impressions of the paddock part one and part two. The AvD Oldtimer GP always has the best classic cars and like every year we are in love with the BMW M1 procar. Like last years we followed our friends at AH-racing.de which have a beautiful BMW M1 procar racing against the very best cars of their era. This BMW M1 procar has a straight 6 engine producing a bit over 420HP and shooting flames like it is nothing. The sound of this car is amazing as you can hear down below.

Team AH-racing does all of their maintenance themselves and keep this car in perfect condition. The car has such an awesome presence, being so wide but and I can say from my own experience it is very small inside.

Every year they are racing the top of the field against a Turbocharged Ford Capri Zakspeed and the famous Porsche Kremer K3 cars and a lot of other BMW M1 procars. The Porsche Kremer K3 and Zakspeed Ford cars have over 700HP and can even up the boost to produce more. So it is a big underpowered compared to these big giant turbo cars. However the handling and in the hands of a very capable driver it managed to get second place behind the Ford Zakspeed car, which is a great achievement.

We will certaintly see these guys for this year AvD Oldtimer GP and we cannot wait to see and hear this car again. We loce this car, it sounds and look so good. Untill then enjoy these great onboard video's of this car and see it overtaking, flaming and racing throught the competetion.

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