Sport 1 Trackday: Drifting madness

TrackandTuner.com visited the Sport 1 trackday at the Nurburgring. Last year we visited this great event with the Rolling50 event, drifting, JP performance and so much more. Thats why we came back to look at the event again. This time we took a closer look to the drifting action in the paddock. Some sick drifting skills with some awesome cars participating.

Cars like a BMW 1M fitted with a BMW M5 e60 V10 engine, a BMW e36 with the V8 from the e92 M3, a lot of 2JZ japanese power and even a LS swapped Miata.

For the pictures the silvia and Skyline fitted some color tires for drifting which was such a great sight to see.

We also were joined by the very popular team of JP-Performance and Sidney Industries from PS-profi's. They were rocking some great cars like the BMW M4 and tuned Beatle RSI. We were also joined by the entire car collection from the famous YouTube car vlogger Shmee150. He now has a Ferrari FF, Porsche Cayman GT4, Focus RS and a MSO McLaren 675LT Spider. I liked all the color combinations, we say this a lot but choose some bold colors, the cars look so much better.

 I was loving this BMW M4 GTS combo's and an awesome tuned McLaren MP4-12C. I believe it has a Vorsteiner body kit on it, looked awesome thought.

The Lamborghini Aventador and the Huracan also looked great in the black/red colr combination.

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